iPhone 6S Exposure Parameters: With 12 Million Cameras

iPhone 6S body thickness of 7mm, compared to an iPhone 6 increase of 0.1mm.

Apple's well-known US News Media Appleinsider recently learned of an internal document from Apple foundry Foxconn. The document, based on the contents leaked, Apple next generation iPhone model will be called "iPhone 6S", the device will be equipped with 2GB of memory, with a 12 million-pixel rear camera, and shoot with ultra-clear 4K video capabilities.

According to well-known mobile site Phone Arena's news that the first document was a self-proclaimed whistleblowers Foxconn workers on the microblogging upload, but then the micro-Bo will be deleted. Now, however, remake the image of the document began widespread on the Internet. Analysts said, the picture of the device is code-named N66 iPhone 6S, code-named N71 device is the future of iPhone 6S Plus.

File contents that future iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be equipped with 12 million pixels rear camera, support for 4K or and 240 frames / sec slow video capture. In fact, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been able to shoot 240 frames / second video, but because of its highest pixel imaging sensor is only 8 million, so the screen resolution that captures are limited to a 1080p.

At the same time, the document also noted that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus front Facetime camera from the current 1.2 million pixels a substantial increase to 500 million pixels. However, many of Apple's competitors products, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 have long been equipped with a 500-megapixel front camera.

Although related to the credibility of this internal material that we can not confirm, but from past experience, the news from inside Foxconn are generally more reliable. Moreover, the contents of this document and the recent number of other credible sources from the content has a very high degree of agreement.

In addition, according to earlier news shows today, iPhone 6S sake Force Touch With the integration of technology, the body becomes thicker than in the past. According to foreign news sites GsmArena exclusive disclosure, said, iPhone 6S body thickness of 7 mm, compared to an increase of 0.1 mm iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S Plus thickness was 7.13 mm, than the iPhone 6 Plus more out of 0.03 mm .

Apple's well-known analyst Kuo Ming-pool that Apple originally planned to last year's iPhone 6 which joined Force Touch technology, but in the end because the "calibration" problem and had to give up. With a variety of Apple products now use the technology, it is estimated there may be any technical problems have been resolved.

It should be noted that part of the contents of this document in the file with iOS 9 also has implied in place that do not coincide. For example, a single flash on the front camera configuration, panoramic photography technology, timelapse, or 60 frames / second video capture technology parameters have in iOS 9 beta source code appears, but the level of support for software that does not mean these hardware and services in the future there will definitely be in volume production models.

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