4-inch iPhone 5S Mark II Exposure, May Be Equipped With A8 Processor

Since it is an upgraded version of iPhone5s should be little change in the overall design, and prices will remain at 400-500 US dollars.

In the past it has been rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 4-inch screen of new machines, and there is likely to be named as iPhone 6c. And now, from the Japanese media broke the news Macotakara quoted reliable sources that Apple is indeed preparing to release a new machine a 4-inch touch screen, but not the so-called iPhone 6c, but iPhone5s upgraded version, called the iPhone 5s Mark II, will load A8 processor and better camera, is now ready to enter the production stage, expected to debut in the spring of next year may be formal.

An upgraded version of iPhone 5S

According to Japanese media Macotakara quoted reliable sources claimed that Apple does have a 4-inch iPhone screen new machine will be launched as the upgraded version of the iPhone 5s, as for the name is not the so-called iPhone 6c, but was named iPhone 5s Mark II In the basic configuration of the sixth-generation iPod touch flat, which is to carry A8 processor, support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 4.1 technology and camera better F / 2.2 aperture, FaceTime HD camera, and so on.

However, Macotakara did not disclose the iPhone 5s Mark II in the shape of what changes will bring, but since it is an upgraded version of iPhone 5s, then is expected to not make too many changes, should also aluminum body design. At the same time, although it is unclear how high the reliability of the message, but the introduction of an upgraded version for the Apple iPhone 5s, the most immediate benefit is that you can save a lot of costs, because a lot of the internal parts are readily available directly from the supply manufacturers re-order, without having to re-design.

Spring debut next year

In addition, according to outside speculation, because the positioning of the reason, this iPhone 5s Mark II features should not have 3D Touch. At the same time according to news media reports in Taiwan said earlier, this 4-inch screen of the new machine will support the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and increase the NFC near field communication technology, with Gorilla Glass low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) touch screen panel. While on the processor configuration, the message also said that the past will be equipped with A8 processor, and the Japanese media broke the news exactly.

To look forward to that, according to the disclosure statement Macotakara, this iPhone 5s Mark II is now ready to enter the production stage, there is a possibility at any time release. However, the news came after the industrial chain, and market analysts' forecasts, the possibility of the aircraft in the next year the official debut of the larger spring.

The price is the basis of success

Prior to this, Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Karcha also believe Apple launched iPhone 4 inches possibilities are increasingly large, and said it will make the iPhone shipments and revenue higher than expected, and long-term earnings per share growth of about 6-7%. However, the conclusion was given by the analyst is 4-inch screen of the iPhone 6 will work with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus simultaneous launch.

As for prices, they are more concerned about, according to Kulbinder Karcha saying, 4-inch screen iPhone compared to the current 4.7-inch and 5.5 inches phone price will be at least a big difference in price 400-500 US dollars 4-inch phone will Apple iPhone is a supplement to the current product line, and with the flagship product differentiation, so that mutual influence is minimized.

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How to Transfer Data Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Part 1 Rumors of iPhone 7 Plus May Be Equipped with 3GB RAM And A10 Processor

Allegedly, Apple will launch the next generation iPhone in the third quarter of next year.

KGI Securities (KGI) analyst Kuo Ming-Ji (Ming-Chi Kuo) Tuesday, citing Apple's supplier of news that Apple released iPhone7 next year will continue to use 2GB RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus will increase the RAM to 3GB.

Kuo Ming-Ji said in the report, 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will feature 2GB RAM, consistent with the current iPhone 6s. The 5.5 inches of the iPhone 7Plus of RAM will increase from 1GB to 3GB. Despite the different phones of RAM, but will use next-generation mobile processor architecture A10.

The current difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in addition to screen size, mainly the latter more powerful camera system. The report also said that in previous years, the next generation iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in September next year.

In addition, Kuo Ming-Ji also said, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the design will be changed, but did not specify a specific change information. Kuo Ming-Ji had said in July this year, iPhone7 will be the thinnest ever iPhone, the body will be only 6 mm thickness, than the latest generation of iPod touch and iPad Air 2 thinner.

Kuo Ming-Ji specialize in forecasting Apple products, and have been very accurate predictions. For example, Apple product upgrades forecast fall of almost 100% correct, including slightly thicker iPhone 6s, ForceTouch technology and larger iPad Pro, etc.

In addition, Kuo Ming-Ji also said in a report Tuesday, Apple will launch next year a 4 inches iPhone, using A9 processor, metal housing, and the next generation of software. The product is expected in the first half of 2016 production.

Part 2 How to Transfer Photos, Contacts, Messages, Videos, Notes and More from Old iPhone to New iPhone 7/7 Plus

Whether your iPhone is iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S which be used more than two years, or your iPhone is the relatively new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, but in the face of strong attractive new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you must be want to change a new iPhone. If you've just got one of them, apparently, to transfer data like contacts, media files, notes, calendars and more to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from your old iPhone, as wellas iPad or iPod must be what you most urgent want to do. If you've created backups in either iCloud or iTunes before, you can restore the previous backup to the new iPhone. However, no matter iTunes or iCloud, can only get a complete backup files, if you want to switch your data selectively, is there any simple and efficient way to do it?

Mobile Transfer is a tool to transfer data between iPhone, Android, Symbian and WinPhone. So you can transfer any data you wanted selectively with this data transfer tool. The "data" mentioned here consist of music, videos, photos, SMS, contacts and so forth. Only a few clicks are needed in the process.

Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer

After launching the Mobile Transfer software on your computer, the main window as follow will pop-up. Click the "Start" under the Phone to Phone Transfer.

Step 2. Plug Your Old iPhone and New iPhone to Computer with USB Cords

Plug both of your iPhones in via USB cables. Then the phones will be automatically detected. As you can see below, old iPhone is on the left, standing for source phone; while the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is on the right for destination phone. If you want to shift the two, just click "Flip".

Step 3. Transfer SMS,Contacts and other data from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s 

After preview all the data that you want from old iPhone, just tick the check boxes in front of Contacts, Text Messages, Photos and more, and click on "Start Transfer" to start the transfer process.

Note: Remember to keep both of the iPhones connected well during the transferring process. Now, download this powerful Mobile Transfer software below to have a try!

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

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