4-inch iPhone 5S Mark II Exposure, May Be Equipped With A8 Processor

Since it is an upgraded version of iPhone5s should be little change in the overall design, and prices will remain at 400-500 US dollars.

In the past it has been rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 4-inch screen of new machines, and there is likely to be named as iPhone 6c. And now, from the Japanese media broke the news Macotakara quoted reliable sources that Apple is indeed preparing to release a new machine a 4-inch touch screen, but not the so-called iPhone 6c, but iPhone5s upgraded version, called the iPhone 5s Mark II, will load A8 processor and better camera, is now ready to enter the production stage, expected to debut in the spring of next year may be formal.

An upgraded version of iPhone 5S

According to Japanese media Macotakara quoted reliable sources claimed that Apple does have a 4-inch iPhone screen new machine will be launched as the upgraded version of the iPhone 5s, as for the name is not the so-called iPhone 6c, but was named iPhone 5s Mark II In the basic configuration of the sixth-generation iPod touch flat, which is to carry A8 processor, support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 4.1 technology and camera better F / 2.2 aperture, FaceTime HD camera, and so on.

However, Macotakara did not disclose the iPhone 5s Mark II in the shape of what changes will bring, but since it is an upgraded version of iPhone 5s, then is expected to not make too many changes, should also aluminum body design. At the same time, although it is unclear how high the reliability of the message, but the introduction of an upgraded version for the Apple iPhone 5s, the most immediate benefit is that you can save a lot of costs, because a lot of the internal parts are readily available directly from the supply manufacturers re-order, without having to re-design.

Spring debut next year

In addition, according to outside speculation, because the positioning of the reason, this iPhone 5s Mark II features should not have 3D Touch. At the same time according to news media reports in Taiwan said earlier, this 4-inch screen of the new machine will support the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and increase the NFC near field communication technology, with Gorilla Glass low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) touch screen panel. While on the processor configuration, the message also said that the past will be equipped with A8 processor, and the Japanese media broke the news exactly.

To look forward to that, according to the disclosure statement Macotakara, this iPhone 5s Mark II is now ready to enter the production stage, there is a possibility at any time release. However, the news came after the industrial chain, and market analysts' forecasts, the possibility of the aircraft in the next year the official debut of the larger spring.

The price is the basis of success

Prior to this, Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Karcha also believe Apple launched iPhone 4 inches possibilities are increasingly large, and said it will make the iPhone shipments and revenue higher than expected, and long-term earnings per share growth of about 6-7%. However, the conclusion was given by the analyst is 4-inch screen of the iPhone 6 will work with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus simultaneous launch.

As for prices, they are more concerned about, according to Kulbinder Karcha saying, 4-inch screen iPhone compared to the current 4.7-inch and 5.5 inches phone price will be at least a big difference in price 400-500 US dollars 4-inch phone will Apple iPhone is a supplement to the current product line, and with the flagship product differentiation, so that mutual influence is minimized.

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How to Transfer Data Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Part 1 Rumors of iPhone 7 Plus May Be Equipped with 3GB RAM And A10 Processor

Allegedly, Apple will launch the next generation iPhone in the third quarter of next year.

KGI Securities (KGI) analyst Kuo Ming-Ji (Ming-Chi Kuo) Tuesday, citing Apple's supplier of news that Apple released iPhone7 next year will continue to use 2GB RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus will increase the RAM to 3GB.

Kuo Ming-Ji said in the report, 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will feature 2GB RAM, consistent with the current iPhone 6s. The 5.5 inches of the iPhone 7Plus of RAM will increase from 1GB to 3GB. Despite the different phones of RAM, but will use next-generation mobile processor architecture A10.

The current difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in addition to screen size, mainly the latter more powerful camera system. The report also said that in previous years, the next generation iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in September next year.

In addition, Kuo Ming-Ji also said, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the design will be changed, but did not specify a specific change information. Kuo Ming-Ji had said in July this year, iPhone7 will be the thinnest ever iPhone, the body will be only 6 mm thickness, than the latest generation of iPod touch and iPad Air 2 thinner.

Kuo Ming-Ji specialize in forecasting Apple products, and have been very accurate predictions. For example, Apple product upgrades forecast fall of almost 100% correct, including slightly thicker iPhone 6s, ForceTouch technology and larger iPad Pro, etc.

In addition, Kuo Ming-Ji also said in a report Tuesday, Apple will launch next year a 4 inches iPhone, using A9 processor, metal housing, and the next generation of software. The product is expected in the first half of 2016 production.

Part 2 How to Transfer Photos, Contacts, Messages, Videos, Notes and More from Old iPhone to New iPhone 7/7 Plus

Whether your iPhone is iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S which be used more than two years, or your iPhone is the relatively new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, but in the face of strong attractive new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you must be want to change a new iPhone. If you've just got one of them, apparently, to transfer data like contacts, media files, notes, calendars and more to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from your old iPhone, as wellas iPad or iPod must be what you most urgent want to do. If you've created backups in either iCloud or iTunes before, you can restore the previous backup to the new iPhone. However, no matter iTunes or iCloud, can only get a complete backup files, if you want to switch your data selectively, is there any simple and efficient way to do it?

Mobile Transfer is a tool to transfer data between iPhone, Android, Symbian and WinPhone. So you can transfer any data you wanted selectively with this data transfer tool. The "data" mentioned here consist of music, videos, photos, SMS, contacts and so forth. Only a few clicks are needed in the process.

Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer

After launching the Mobile Transfer software on your computer, the main window as follow will pop-up. Click the "Start" under the Phone to Phone Transfer.

Step 2. Plug Your Old iPhone and New iPhone to Computer with USB Cords

Plug both of your iPhones in via USB cables. Then the phones will be automatically detected. As you can see below, old iPhone is on the left, standing for source phone; while the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is on the right for destination phone. If you want to shift the two, just click "Flip".

Step 3. Transfer SMS,Contacts and other data from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s 

After preview all the data that you want from old iPhone, just tick the check boxes in front of Contacts, Text Messages, Photos and more, and click on "Start Transfer" to start the transfer process.

Note: Remember to keep both of the iPhones connected well during the transferring process. Now, download this powerful Mobile Transfer software below to have a try!

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to HTC One A9

Part 1 HTC One A9 Officially Released

After a series of intensive exposure, HTC One A9 finally released in accordance with the agreement. In appearance, this mobile phone is very similar with the iPhone 6S, all-metal fuselage integration, front integrated fingerprint reader. For the first time equipped with a Snapdragon 617 processor and built independent audio DAC, preloaded with Android 6.0 system, and available in six color style choices, the phone will be global offering at the first week in November, the phone sells for $399.99.

Just like the iPhone 6S

The first impression of the release of HTC One A9 in shape gives is very similar with the iPhone 6s, integrated with a magnesium alloy metal body, is also equipped with 2.5D curved glass, as the bottom of the touch screen Home button integrated fingerprint reader. As this new machine will be the back camera and flash design in a central location at the top, but almost no difference with the iPhone 6s in shape, there are also significant projections.

Like with the previous rumors, HTC One A9 loaded with a 5-inch 1080p resolution touch screen, and use the AMOLED display and Sunlight booster technology to automatically adjust the display brightness in bright light. Also, the machine is first powered eight-core Snapdragon 617 processor models, integrated Adreno 405 graphics chip, and support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charge function.

Equipped with the Android 6.0 system

HTC One A9 pre-installed Android 6.0 system, which is the first model of the system pre-installed non-Nexus, and HTC Android to ensure that the new system came out 15 days after providing system updates. In addition, it also provides 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM (as well as 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM version) storage combination, supports microSD memory expansion capabilities, with regard to the battery capacity was 2150mAh.

HTC One A9 also improved camera and music performance, loaded with a 4.0 megapixel front camera Ultrapixel and 13 million pixel camera, support for optical image stabilization feature, and provides Auto mode and Promode two kinds of camera models. The former provides the fastest hand camera, while the latter is to have a variety of manual adjustment functions, and the ability to output in RAW format photos. Meanwhile, in order to improve the sound quality, it also built independent audio DAC, headphone listening experience by adding the HTC BoomSound technology includes Dolby surround sound, can play 24bit 192KHz of Hi-Res Audio music.

HTC One A9 also equipped with HTC Sense interface Android6.0-based, adding a personalized theme store, users can customize the phone wallpaper, change the interface colors, icons, sounds and fonts and so on. You can also favorite photos into a unique photo colors to match the theme of intelligent, user-themed decor to provide more choices. In addition, this phone also offers gray, silver, gold, garnet red and other color models, there will be available rose gold, dark gray version in the specific market.

Part 2 Steps to Transfer Selected Content From iPhone to HTC One A9

Are you tired of the over-popular iPhone that can be seen so frequently from time to time everywhere? Have you ever considered buying a new mobile phone like the Fully New HTC One A9 ( or M9 and M8 Eye) and would like to get it? However, what are you going to do with your data on your old iPhone, like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, etc.? So you must make sure that you have got the a powerful tool for you to somehow transfer that all contacts, text messages, apps, music, videos, photos to your New HTC One A9 / M8 Eye / M9 from iPhone. Still have no idea of what you can do? Here is the right place for you. Today we have offered a program here to help you tackle this problem. With this program – iPhone to HTC Transfer for Windows User or iPhone to HTC Transfer for Mac User, you can transfer all data from your iPhone to your HTC One freely. With just one click, it will help you finish all the job.

What's The Main Features of iPhone to HTC Transfer

  • Support to transfer all kinds of data. Apps, calendar, photos, music, SMS, call logs and videos can be transferred
  • Fully transfer of contact which including the job title, email address, company name and more detail information.
  • Work perfectly with different platforms like Android, iOS and Symbian
  • No risks of data losing

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step By Step to Transfer Data from iPhone to HTC One A9

Step 1. Install and run the iPhone to HTC Transfer.

Step 2. Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 3. Connect both your iPhone and your HTC One A9 to your computer using USB cables. Make sure that they are recognized by the program.

Note: Remember that we are transferring from your iOS device to your Android device. If the Source phone is not the iOS device, click on "Flip" above the content you want to copy and the order will be reversed.

Step 4. Start transfer files from iPhone to HTC Transfer.

Check items you would like to transfer from iPhone to HTC, including contacts, SMS, photos, apps and so on.

Hit the Start Copy button. A dialog comes out both showing the files' names and a progress bar, please do not disconnect neither your iPhone nor HTC phones while transferring, or the transfer will stop.


How to Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad Pro/Air/Mini

Part 1 iPad Pro - Thin. Light. Epic.

On September 10, 2015 the morning of the Apple press conference, Apple officially released the iPad Pro.
iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet immersive experience. And now with its expansive 12.9-inch Retina display, nearly double the CPU performance of iPad Air 2, and refined Multi‑Touch technology, iPad Pro adds another dimension to that experience. It’s not just larger. It’s an iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive — at a whole new scale.

What Are The Main Features Of iPad Pro?

  • Retina Display - A canvas designed for your biggest ideas.
  • A9X Chip - Our most powerful chip for our most capable device.
  • iOS 9 - A better experience with every touch.
  • Apps for iPad - More iPad than ever. So apps can do more than ever.
  • Design - Huge in almost every way.
  • Four Speaker Audio - A rich listening experience at every turn.
  • The New Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro - The only thing we didn't reinvent was the alphabet.
  • Introducing Apple Pencil for iPad Pro - Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.
  • Touch ID - Advanced security. Right at your fingertip.
  • iSight and FaceTime HD Cameras - Two incredible cameras to capture any moment.
  • Wi-Fi + LTE - Fast wireless connectivity.
  • Smart Covers and Silicone Cases - The perfect travel companions for your iPad Pro.

Part 2 Tutorial - How To Transfer Photo, Videos, WhatsApp Messages, Notes, Apps And More From Samsung Galaxy Tab To iPad Pro/Air/Mini

If you're coming from an Samsung Galaxy tablet to a new iPad Air, Retina iPad mini or iPad Pro, the transfer process isn't as easy as it is for current iOS users but it definitely isn't impossible either. If you have an Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad, you may be in urgent need of transferring data between your Android tablet and iPad, especially when the data being huge. iTunes seems to be a good helper, because iTunes can sync some of your data from the computer to iPad. Thus, you just need to export the files from Samsung or other Android tablet to the computer, and then move it to your iPad via iTunes sync. You can switch data little by little, though, it takes you much time and energy without question.

Whether you just want to effective and directly transfer contacts or you need to get calendars, movies, music, photos and more onto your new iPad, we can help you do it as painlessly as possible.

Mobile Phone Transfer, as you can see, is an all-in-one tool for file transmission between two mobile devices. In the article, we mainly use it to transfer Galaxy tab to an iPad. It is well-designed to exchange high-quality data. What's more, the program is perfectly compatible with almost all iPad and Samsung tablets, including iPad Pro, iPad Air 1/2, iPad mini 1/2/3/4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 1/2/3/4/S/Pro, etc.

Download it and proceed to the below steps.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Install Mobile Transfer and run it on your computer

After running Mobile Transfer on your computer, you can see its main interface. Just click the blue “Start” button to go into Phone to Phone transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect both your iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab to the computer

Using USB cables to connect your iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab to the computer. Mobile Transfer will recognize them automatically by default. After that, you will see two devices are shown on the two sides of the window respectively. The iPad should be on the right and Samsung should be on the left, if not, click “Flip” to change it.

Step 3. Select the data you wanted to switch from Samsung tab to iPad

Look at the middle of the interface. The number of the detected records will be displayed. When the words are grey, it means there is no such thing in the Galaxy tab. Now, check the data you wanted and then click "Start Copy". At the end, you should press "OK". (It is optional to clear the "Destination Phone". But, remember to do an iPad backup before you decide to do this.)

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How to Transfer iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Apple iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus release again to refresh everyone's expectations for the Apple iPhone, the time for users to replacing mobile phone has come. So, these two new iPhone can make you satisfied with that?

As previously exposed, before Apple iPhone 6S foundation gold, silver, gray tricolor of deep space on the addition of a new color version, which is rose gold, after the successful launch until golden version, Apple again with a new hope colors to evoke more users appetite. Before a lot of exposure map shows that the so-called gold a slightly pink roses, so more will be understood as for female users. But in fact, not so strict boundaries, because this is really not so pink rose gold, basically unisex.

9 Promotion of iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus

  • 12 million pixel rear camera, camera performance improved significantly
  • Pre-flash turned out to be a mobile phone screen
  • Add dynamic sound picture Live Photos
  • Added pressure sensitive 3D Touch Screen
  • A9 processor + M9 coprocessor
  • Optimized Touch ID sensor - Touch ID 2.0
  • 7000 series aluminum, stronger and more robust
  • Stiffer phone screen
  • Add rose gold colors

Are you planning to buy a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, to replace your old iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S? It is indeed a good idea. While, when you get a fully new iPhone, the first thing you need to do is must be transferring the data like contacts, text messages, photos, call history, notes, apps, music and more from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. To directly transferring data from iPhone 5/5c/5s to iPhone 6S/6S Plus without spending too much of your time and energy, you can choose the all-in-one data transfer tool Phone Data Transfer, which allows you to transfer anything from phone to phone, including iDevices, Android and Symbian. This program supports more than 2,000 devices from phone, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, etc.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Install and launch Phone Data Transfer tool on your computer

Like the picture shown below, the primary interface will pop-up after you install it correctly. Then tap the Start under the Phone to Phone Transfer to enter the phone data transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect two of your iPhone to computer

Connect two of your iPhone devices to your computer via theirs USB cables. When your devices are connected and detected by your computer, the two devices will be displayed in two parts, the "Source" and "Destination".

Note: You should ensure both of your phones are in the right places. The "Flip" button is used to switch their positions.

Step 3. Start to Transfer files from One iPhone to Another

After completing the above step, the files which you want to transfer to are listed in the middle, including photos, messages, contacts, apps and so on. What you need to do next is to choose those you want to move to another phone and click “Start Copy” button, and they will move to the new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus automatically.

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iPhone 6S Sales Are Expected To Set A New Record

Users every 18-24 months to replace a new phone, there are about 200 million iPhone users will upgrade to iPhone 6S.

Circles speculate on what products Apple will release next week's launch has not been broken. iPhone 6S various parameters has been compromised, everyone on the phone's product releases are no longer excited. However, most people missed the point. That is, the possible replacement of the iPhone mobile phone users a huge number.

Typically, mobile users 18-24 months to replace a new phone every. Replace the frequency with mobile phone contracts and the economic situation of each country concerned.

Above Avalon website according to data released by Apple, iOS users through the analysis, the current number of users is still in use sections of the iPhone. Above Avalon estimate, there are about 200 million iPhone users will upgrade to iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6: 85 million
The iPhone 6 Plus: 35 million
The iPhone 5S: 125 million
The iPhone 5C: 50 million
The iPhone 5: 80 million
The iPhone 4 and older models: 40 million
Total of 475 million

Holiday season last year iPhone sales more than 74.5 million, the first quarter of 2015 amounted to 61 million. And now new models released soon, there are 200 million potential users upgrade, leave by the end of 2015 season and the first quarter 2016 will be easy to over 100 million.

Statista published data from the following chart, the hot sales late last year and early will be repeated. Despite the flat sales is inevitable after the season, but there might not occur in the body 6S: Apple has been the onslaught of the Chinese market may be the first to break this cycle. Cooperation between Apple and IBM and Cisco may also make the situation better.

However, for Apple, the situation is also not optimistic side. Apple iPad sales erosion due to large-screen phone and competing products, has been stagnant. iPad sales reached a peak in 2013, to 71.04 million, it has since been in slow decline.

Cook is expected to be the new iPad product line in next week's conference, including the rumored iPad Pro. The authors estimate that iPad Mini will become a victim of the success of iPhone after 6S series, more people will use mobile phones iPhone Plus improve work efficiency, especially after business cooperation with IBM and Cisco were apples. iPad Pro publisher will make the situation worse Mini, Mini could eventually make history.

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone iPad to iPad Pro/iPad Mini 4

Part 1 iPad News - Rumored iPad Pro Will Be Released Together With The iPad Mini 4

In addition to the two new iPhone, Apple TV and a vastly improved new strap Apple Watch Apple may also release the long-rumored "iPad Pro" and iPad mini 4.

Apple has confirmed that the new conference will be held in San Francisco on September 9, which will be one of the company's largest in the history of a conference. In addition to the two new iPhone, Apple TV and a vastly improved new strap Apple Watch Apple may also release the long-rumored "iPad Pro" and iPad mini 4.

According to informed sources, the size of the iPad Pro MacBook approaching from the beginning of the end of October beginning of November at various retail outlets sales, pre-sale activities from. Recently reported that Apple is working with IBM in collaboration with Cisco to jointly promote the iOS users in the enterprise popularity, the end of the year if there is practical enough components to meet the needs of this cooperation has become the biggest suspense.

Apple will launch place September 9 election in Graham Municipal Auditorium, the auditorium can accommodate 7,000 people, Apple hopes to reflect the scale of this conference. Sources said Apple next week's conference will be "unprecedented" products, the size may be more than Cupertino Yerba Buena Center for the Arts last year's conference, the conference that the company has released iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apple Pay. The message source also said that if Apple released next week iPad Pro, then it will also release iPad mini 4. In addition, iPad Air 3 will be less likely before the 2016 release of the new Mac computers are not the same in the coming week.

It is reported that, iPad mini 4 is thinner than its predecessor, the A-series equipped with a faster processor, support for multi-screen functionality on iOS 9, while camera will be enhanced. iPad Pro's internal code-named J98 / J99, this large run iOS 9.1 system mainly for higher-end users, it is equipped with a support function Force Touch stylus, both sides will make stereo speaker design more apparent. It is reported that iOS 9.1 for iPad Pro bring more features, including an enhanced version of Siri and Notification Center interface. If Apple really week released a new iPad, then the company this fall another conference will be canceled.

Part 2 Hot Article - How To Transfer Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music, Apps And More From iPhone iPad To iPad Pro/iPad Mini 4

As soon as the new iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 launch, many old iPad users may wanting to buy a new one to replace the old iPad, or some iPhone users to buy an iPad because of adore. No matter what is the reason why you buy a fully new iPad Pro or iPad mini 4, when you holding on your hands, you may looking for an easy way to directly transfer tons of your data from the old iPhone iPad to the new iPad without spend too much of your time and energy.

So, you can't miss the all-in-one data transfer tool which named as Mobile Transfer, it's a well-konwn phone to phone transfer tool. With the help of this transfer tool, you can transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Nokia (Symbian) phones and BlackBerry in one click!

Download Mobile Transfer on your computer first and follow the detailed steps below:

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer

Like the picture shown below, the primary interface will pop-up after you install it correctly. Then tap the Start under the Phone to Phone Transfer to enter the phone data transfer mode.

Step 2 Transfer data from old iPhone iPad to new iPad

Connect both iPads to your computer by using USB cables. You can see the one is shown in the left box as the "Source" while another is put into the other side as the "Destination". In this step, you have to make sure the installation of iTunes for your devices being detected. Check the contents you wanted in the middle column. By clicking the button "Start Copy", all your songs will be removed soon. To avoid repetition, you may check "Clear data before copy" in the bottom in the "Destination" box.

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iPhone Without Borders - iPhone 7 May Be Used To Create Ultra-Thin Touch Screen

While the supply chain sources, Apple is also possible for the iPhone 7 with full 4K Ultra HD display.

According to the latest news shows, G screen on the next iPhone is currently testing a few years ago using the / G (glass-to-glass) touch panel technology, and give up the iPhone 5 from the beginning has been to use in-cell touch technology.

According to Taiwan media "Electronic Times" reported rumors from Apple Asian supply chain, Apple's iPhone 7 next year might consider re-using the slim G / G touch panel technology. Of course, this year's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will continue to use in-cell touch panel, these two new devices will be released later this month. Sources said, in-cell technology, production bottlenecks encountered, Apple can not add new features to enhance the resolution simultaneously.

Currently, manufacturers have begun to G / G technology touch panel samples sent to Apple and Corning. It is noteworthy that enhance G / G production technology allows apple production without borders iPhone, which is the in-cell panels can not be achieved at present. According to supply chain sources, Apple is also possible for the iPhone 7 with full 4K Ultra HD display.

Apple years ago, has been using G / G touch panel technology in the iPhone, until the iPhone 4s so far, and in 2012 released the iPhone 5 uses the in-cell touch panel. This is the most cutting-edge technology in the iPhone 5 was the first mass production of. And in addition to the built-in technology, the display of the iPhone 5 also uses low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) and IPS LCD and other high-end technology.

Whether it should continue to use in-cell technology in the next iPhone device, or re-use of G / G touch technology, Apple has launched a serious discussion. Use in-cell screen has five benefits: lower body thickness iPhone screen is improved, body weight, thinner screen space also increases, Apple also has more space to expand the battery. And in-cell technology also enables Apple supplier's manufacturing process more efficient, lower failure rate.

But after years of use and development, Apple and vendors discovered the drawbacks of this technology, so you want to make adjustments again. Because the current in-cell technology allows manufacturers to meet a variety of production bottlenecks, leading to Apple can not add new features, improve the resolution of the screen. So touch panel makers also want to produce G / G touch panel, they can ensure that the use iPhone fuselage thickness of the panel can be maintained with the use of in-cell technology in the iPhone.

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPad to iPhone 6S

Part 1 iPhone News - Gold iPhone 6S Started To Accept Reservations, The Highest Price Of 10,000 Pounds

Luxury customizing company will open next Monday 24K gold version iPhone 6s reservation, high version will also set with diamonds.

Although Apple has not yet released its latest generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, from the September 9 press conference two weeks time, we can already start booking gold edition.

Recently, the famous luxury customization company announced that it will officially open Goldgenie 24K Gold Edition iPhone 6s Reservations start next Monday, although the official did not release, but as a local tyrant must first emptive.

It is reported that, 24K gold version of the iPhone 6s reservation price of £ 2,300. Another diamond star version, the version based on the inlaid gold more diamonds, the predetermined price of 10,000 pounds.

If the computer in front of local tyrants who are interested in iPhone 6s gold diamond version, you can visit Goldgenie official website for more information, and at the beginning of August 31 single reservation.

Part 2 Tutorial - How to Transfer Contacts from iPad to iPhone 6S

"I planning to buy a new iPhone 6S once it being launched, I want to transfer my contacts from my iPad Air to iPhone 6S, is it easy to do?"

"As the rest of the contacts on my iPad are personal friends and I use my iPhone only for business, I would not need those to be hanging in there. I have currently enabled iCloud on my iPad. Should I also enable it for my iPhone for the transfer to take place? Wouldn't that transfer the whole bunch of my iPad contacts to my iPhone?"

There are many ways you can use to transfer your contacts between iPad and iPhone, such as using iTunes and iCloud. However, to directly sync iPad contacts to iPhone, you need the more professional data transfer tool - iPad to iPhone Transfer, which is you best choice to help transferring contacts, as well as photos, videos, apps, music and more between iPad and iPhone with a click. This is the most straightforward method and it works for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, The New iPad, iPad 2, iPad, etc.

Don't think this software needs many steps to finish the data transfer and formats convert, actually, all of this can be done within 3 steps. You don’t believe it? Why not check the following part and see if I was wrong about it.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Download and install this software on your Windows PC or Mac.

iPad to iPhone Transfer provides both Windows and Mac versions for its users to download. After you choosing the correct version to download, please follow the instructions to install this software on your device. You can see the screenshot below to check the primary window of this software which is very simple and clear without any confuse buttons and functions. You can choose Phone to Phone Transfer; Restore from Backups, Back up Your Phone or Erase Your Old Phone functions.

Now, click Start to enter the phone to phone transfer window. 

Step 2. Connect Your iPad and iPhone to the PC

See the picture below. It tells you to plug the two iDevices into the USB ports. And when you have done so, the devices will be automatically detected, and the result is somewhat similar to the following interface.

Step 3. Copy Phone Numbers from iPad to iPhone

In the middle of the window, you are entitled to choose what file types are to be copied. To save time, we tick "Contacts" only. Tap on "Start Copy" and wait.

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How to Directly Transfer Content to New iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Part 1 iPhone News - Rumors iPhone 6S May Adopt Triple-Core Processors And 2GB RAM

According to the latest data, benchmark was expressed iPhone 6s running memory will increase to 2GB, but this brings renewed hope for many users.

Last week, benchmark data from Geekbench 3 show the next generation Apple iPhone 6s will remain with 1GB of RAM, it makes a lot of looking forward to this new iPhone users feel a glimmer of hope. But now things have a turn for the better, according to the latest data, run sub-site was expressed iPhone 6s running memory will increase to 2GB, but this brings renewed hope for many users.

The benchmark data also showed that, A9 processor will be used in the iPhone 6s three-core design. Currently iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus the A8 processor uses a dual-core design, but for now, A9 processors will scale new heights. While this is not as simple as Android phones core upgrade to quad-core or eight-core so simple, but considering Apple's hardware and software for the control car, and will specifically optimized to bring the best user experience.

In addition, the results from running points of view, A9 single core processor performance iPhone 6s very strong, reaching 1811 points, multi-core measure reached 4577 points, it is indeed a very good score. But now everything is still all just stay in rumor and speculation stage, as to what will be what kind of iPhone 6s configuration have to wait until September 9 press conference in order to see the outcome.

Part 2 Transfer Tutorial - How To Directly Transfer Everything To New iPhone 6S/6S Plus Without iTunes & iCloud

Apple is going to launch the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Planning on get the new released iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus? Do you want to move everything from the old one to the new one? Or do you want to know how to transfer all your contents from Android and even Nokia phone to the new iPhone?

Yes! You have just got your hands on a shiny and beautifully crafted new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, you are pretty excited to use it but wondering how to transfer data from your old phone to the new iPhone, this article will share useful advice for you. Simply follow the mentioned steps, and you will be able to backup all the data to your new iPhone 6S/6S Plus.

To get rid of the trouble with iTunes or iCloud when transfer data between your phones, you can get help from Mobile Phone Transfer ( or Mobile Phone Transfer for Mac).

Mobile Phone Transfer - Transfer old Phone to New iPhone in 1 click!

  • Transfer messages, contacts, photos, call history, music, calendar, apps and more from old Android/iPhone/iPad to iPhone 6S (6S Plus)
  • Copy audio and video to new iPhone 6S (6S Plus), regardless of whether purchase them or not.
  • Retrieve iTunes backup and transfer to iPhone 6S (6S Plus) effortlessly.
  • Work perfectly with iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS running iOS 9/8/7/6/5, and almost all Android phones and tablets.

Now, please download and install the corresponding version on your computer, and follow the below steps to finish the transfer program.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Launch Mobile Phone Transfer and connect your old phone and iPhone 6S/6S Plus to PC

Once you downloaded and install Phone Transfer on your computer, connect your old phone and iPhone 6S/6S Plus to the computer with the USB line. Then you will see the below window.

Then your iPhone device will be detected by the program, you'll get a window as follow. All the data on your source phone will be displayed and can be transferred to new phone, such as contacts, photos, messages, etc.

For Android to iPhone Transfer

For iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Sync anything what you wanted from old phone to new iPhone

You are able to transfer SMS, videos, contacts, photos, music and more to the new iPhone. Just choose the item you wanted, and click “Start Copy”. Mobile Phone Transfer will start to copy all of them from old phone to the new iPhone. All you need to care is to keep both of your phones are connected well.

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