How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Part 1 Samsung News - Samsung S6 Edge + Hardware Specifications Exposure, Increased To 4GB Oof Memory

International versions of SM-G928F have been identified will be equipped with Exynos 7420 eight-core processor, and also clocked up to 2.1GHz, while the machine's memory capacity is reached 4GB.

With the release date draws near, the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + main core hardware configuration has been gradually exposed, only the specifications of the camera yet the exact message. However, according to India's import and export database website Zauba latest information shows that the aircraft configuration is 1 / 2.6-inch 16 million pixel camera, which means that the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + still use the same paragraph GALAXY S6 Sony IMX240 photosensitive element, has a decent camera performance.

With 16MP Camera

Previously Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + although no camera specifications information is disclosed, but is widely believed to be a continuation of GALAXY S6 of configuration, the same load 16 million-pixel camera and supports optical image stabilization feature. And now, Zauba database import and export from India website information is confirmed by that argument, and displays the distribution of the 16 million-pixel CMOS camera size is still 1 / 2.6 inches, which means that the machine is still used in Sony IMX240 sensor, is expected to provide the same real-time HDR, smart OIS, and an infrared detection white balance and other functions.

However, for the front lens had heard the aircraft will be upgraded to 800 million pixels to say, it has not yet been confirmed. At the same time according to past exposure information also shows that the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + will be the exclusive pictures of some new features, including full manual exposure mode and RAW format support photo output and so on.

4GB LPDDR4 Memory

Although this appeared in India Importers site model SM-G928V is a customized version of Samsung for the US operator Verizon launched, but according to data recently released well-known to run sub-site GeekBench display, GALAXY S6 edge + international version of the SM-G928F already OK will be equipped with Exynos 7420 eight-core processor, and also clocked up to 2.1GHz, while the machine's memory capacity is reached 4GB, is also expected to adopt LPDDR4 memory, only the data transmission speed, but also with low power consumption and other features.

Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + also rumored to have a storage capacity of 32GB and 64GB, and 128GB version may be added, but does not support memory card expansion still some regrettable. As aircraft battery capacity, there are now equipped with 3000 mA and 3700 mA battery when the two statements, but no matter the kind of rumors finally come true, it means the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + endurance performance will not touch increasing the size of the screen and becomes weaker.

August 13 Release

Samsung GALAX S6 edge + 2K resolution will be equipped with 5.7 inches touch screen, still double curve side of screen design, the phone's appearance has not changed much compared to the past, but it seems to cancel the infrared emission devices and local details on the body change. Also outgoing state line version of the aircraft model, compared with SM-G9280, will support with the entire network functions.

Currently, Samsung GALAXY S6 edge + have the European version of SM-G928F, the international version of SM-G928i, South Korean operator of the three versions of SM-G928S / K / L and other models by the FCC for review. August 13 is expected to join GALAXY Note 5 officially released in New York, then on sale in August 21, and available in black, white, gold and silver and other four color choices.

Part 2 Tutorial - How To Transfer Contacts And More From iPhone To Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Samsung is going to release Galaxy S6 Edge + within a month in the future, beautiful and powerful device really attracted lots of people's interests. Can't wait to purchase the Galaxy S6 Edge +? As an iPhone user, you may be very hesitating because it may be complicated and inconvenient for you to sync the contacts from your iOS devices to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Android one. The common method you should know is that you can sync the iOS contacts with the help of the third party accounts such as Gmail or Outlook. You just need to add the account to your iOS device, iPhone for example, and sync the iPhone contacts to the account’s remote service. And then on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, add the account to it as well so that you can sync the contacts to the new cellphone from the remote service.

Phone Data Transfer is an almighty transfer tool that empowers you to transfer data between phones even if these two phones belong to different phone brands and supports different operating system. For example, transfer Nokia data to Samsung, transfer HTC data to iPhone or transfer iPhone data to Samsung. What's more, the program supports to any Samsung and iPhone devices.

The steps to transfer data between phones are quite easy: Firstly, download the program; secondly, connect your phones; lastly, start transferring.
Download Phone Transfer on your computer and now it is time to witness the miracle:

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1 Install and launch Phone Transfer

Download and install Phone Transfer like other software. Then the primary window like the screenshot below will pop up. Then tap the Start.

Step 2 Connect both phone to computer

Connect your Galaxy S6 Edge + and iPhone to the same PC via USB cables. The Phone Transfer will detect your phone models in seconds. If you decide to remove contacts on your Galaxy S6 Edge + before the transferring, check the box “Clear data before copy”.

Note: You need to install iTunes on your computer before the transferring. Also, Phone Transfer will detect and remind you if you don't iTunes on your computer.

Step 3 Transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Check the "Contacts" box if you just want to transfer contacts only. After making sure that the Source and the Destination phone are in the right places, you can click “Start Copy”. The progress should be over within seconds. When it's done, press "OK" and end it.

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  1. here is a video about transferring contacts from galaxy s5 to new galaxy s6 edge +, also works with iPhone, Sony, LG and more other phone

  2. transfer data between any two smartphones from iPhone or android


  3. How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + ? Actually, besides Google Account, we can also use Phone Transfer software. After connecting iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + to computer, start the Phone Transfer software. A short time scanning later, you can directly transfer contacts between them.