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When will the next generation of iPhone be published

iPhone 6S release time exposure, may be released in September 8th.

Although still need to confirm the authenticity of the message, but in the past three years, the new generation iPhone launch date is the third Friday in September.

Greek media had previously claimed that the iPhone 6s or will be released on September 8, and now this argument seems to have been confirmed. Recently, according to foreign website MIC Gadget citing news reports that Foxconn, iPhone 6s September 18 this year will be officially on sale. However, despite past habits according to Apple, will be released the week prior to listing the next iPhone, but because of the time happens to be September 11, caught up with the United States, "the anniversary of 9/11," so iPhone 6s likely to choose early release, specific time may be 10 days prior to listing, which is officially launched on September 8.

May be published in the Sept. 8

According to foreign website MIC Gadget obtained from quoted sources said Foxconn, iPhone 6s will be held this September 18 officially listed for sale, as the release date in accordance with Apple's customary calendar year will be one week in advance, which is September 11 official roll out. However, because this time coincided with the release of "9/11 Day", so Apple should launch ahead of time, most likely to be launched in September 8 iPhone 6s, just 10 days before the listing.

Although still need to confirm the authenticity of the message, but in the past three years, the new generation iPhone launch date is the third Friday in September. So according to this rule speculation, iPhone 6s launch date should also be the third Friday of September this year, which is September 18. However, if Apple still choose to hold press conference a week before the sale of the new machine, then the time will be and the "9/11 anniversary," there is a conflict, so Apple came ten days in advance, which is September 8 launch iPhone 6s really It is the logical thing.

It began mass production

In exposure iPhone 6s release date, while the foreign media also cited the supply chain news that Apple's two major manufacturing partners Foxconn and Pegatron are now receiving the necessary parts apple suppliers, is expected in September can be formally issued goods. Prior to this, there is news that iPhone6s mass production expected in July, from the time it is also in line with Apple's September launch of the new law.

It is reported that Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus internal test models were N66 and N71, reportedly will use Force Touch pressure touch-sensitive screen, the fingerprint recognition rate than in the past raised about 30%, and the camera will be upgraded to 1200 million pixels, support for 4K video capture and 240fps slow-motion video recording, as the front lens rumor will be upgraded to 500 million pixels.

Focusing on internal upgrade

However, a lot of information from the point of view the current exposure, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in appearance compared to the past did not have any significant changes, even the camera raised shortcomings have not improved. But there are sources claim, iPhone 6s series may change in the material, the introduction of the use of the Apple Watch 7000 series aluminum alloy, has a higher hardness.

In addition, iPhone 6s series also will load 2GB memory, equipped with the new A9 processor, on the whole in line with past outgoing iPhone 6s little change in appearance, internal promotion more to say.

How to Transfer Contacts Messages Photos Videos Music and more from old Phone to iPhone 6S

As iOS 9 comes out, the new iPhone, maybe the name of iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C or even iPhone 7, is awaiting its release day. Are you ready to get it? Or you may want to buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus upgraded to iOS 9. But, what do you do with your old iPhone or Android phone? You may find it kind of difficult to transfer the data stored on Android phone to your new iOS 9 devices, just like the iPhone 6S.

I believe it is not too hard to change a phone but if you have a handy application to help you. It is known that so many phones like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motolora, ZTE, LG run Android Operation System, which is quite different from iOS 9. And it is never too easy to transfer data between Android and iOS 9, such as switch contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6S.

However, fortunately, you never too late to know Mobile Transfer tool. Mobile Transfer, which is the professional transfer tool for apps, text messages, contacts, call logs, calendars, photos, audios, videos, etc. With the help of this transfer tool, you can easily sync your data between phone to phone including iDevice, Android and Symbian phone.

Free download a trial version here and follow the below guide to transfer your data from phone to phone.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Next we will take an Samsung Galaxy S5 as an example to show how to transfer data from old Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6S with the Mobile Transfer tool.

Step 1 Launch Mobile Transfer and connect both Phones to PC

Once you downloaded and install Mobile Transfer on your computer, connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6S to the computer with the USB line. Then you will see the below window.

Note: You should make sure that you have iTunes installed in your computer.

Otherwise, the program will ask you to install one first. Besides, make sure that the USB cable is well connected through the whole process.

Step 2 Preview Samsung Galaxy S5 Files to iPhone 6S

After two phones well connected to the computer, your two phones will both be detected by Mobile Transfer and display as “Source” and “Destination”. Click “Flip” if you want to change the source and destination phone.

Step 3 Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6S

After preview all the data that you want your Samsung Galaxy S5 data to be copied to the iPhone 6S. After marking down all that you want, you can click “Start Copy” to start the transfer process.

Note: If unfortunately, your USB cable is disconnected, chances are the transfer process will fail on the half way and the data you try to transfer may get lost. To get the data back, you can recover lost iPhone data with iPhone Data Recovery. Click “OK” to end the transfer process.

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