How to Transfer Samsung Contacts Messages Photos Apps Videos Music to iPhone 6S

Both Rivals And Friends - Apple's First Batch Of iPhone 6S Processors Manufactured By Samsung

Since Samsung 14nm technology is quite mature, so they got 70 percent of Apple's orders.

Earlier rumors that TSMC has won all orders A9 processor and will ship this month, the official news. However, according to Taiwan media "Electronic Times," the latest report said, iPhone 6s the distribution of the A9 processors have mass production, and by Samsung and TSMC. However, TSMC has not yet completely ready to work 16-nanometer production process production line, so iPhone 6s first sale of processors used essentially come from Samsung.

The first batch of Processors are the Samsung's

According to Taiwan media "Electronic Times" reported, citing industry sources say, iPhone 6s is equipped with A9 processor has been mass production, and will be jointly foundry TSMC and Samsung. Despite previous foreign media claimed that TSMC has won all orders A9 processor, Samsung is crop failure, but this is not true, but to a Samsung 14-nanometer chip manufacturing has been very mature, and the Exynos Samsung GALAXY S6 7420 processor has been verified on, so not only in Apple got 70% of the orders, but also has been the first large-scale production.

Unfortunately, TSMC does not only get 30% of the orders, but do not seem quite ready for mass production of 16 nanometer process technology to work, to go to the fourth quarter of this year will be rolled out capacity, so now can only be small batch production, Therefore, iPhone 6s or will come out in the case in September, which means iPhone 6s processor used first sale will basically come from Samsung.

Shipments of about eighty million

Meanwhile according to "Electronic Times," saying, just before the upcoming production A9 processor, Apple suddenly asked to change the chip layout, and asked the two companies to redesign wafer, but fortunately little effect, Samsung and TSMC have successfully completed soon revision does not affect the release of iPhone 6s.

In addition, although the OEM orders A9 processor is not ideal, but rumor TSMC will produce the iPhone 6s fingerprint sensor (65nm) and Cirrus Logic audio chip (45 / 55nm), as for Samsung hopes to supply flash memory access to Apple's favor. Meanwhile according to "Electronic Times," also quoted sources said, iPhone6s series of appointments in large shipments this year at around 80 million, better than the previous "Wall Street Journal" had given slightly less data.

Rumors published in the Sept. 8

According to earlier exposure information display, the next generation iPhone will still have 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions, the name or iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, compared to the past will not be much change in appearance, but may adopt hardness more 7000 series aluminum alloy as body material, and a rose gold version is available.

While iPhone 6s series will be upgraded to 12 million pixels camera and has 2GB of memory, and the addition of Force Touch pressure touch technology, a faster Qualcomm LTE chip, as mass production this month of A9 processors are rumors performance and power consumption have better performance. As for the release schedule, the rumors will be released on September 8 this year, then in about September 25 launch.

How To Transfer Call Logs Contacts Messages Photos Apps Videos Music From Samsung to iPhone 6S

No permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Obviously, this is not the first collaboration between Apple and Samsung. Even so, for the users, Samsung and iPhone running the different OS. When you get a new iPhone 6S, or if your planning to buy an iPhone 6S to replace your old Samsung phone, you must be interested in how to directly transfer tons of data including Call Logs, Contacts, Messages, Photos, Apps, Videos, Music and Calendar from your Samsung to iPhone 6S. This sounds a little inconceivable. However, where there is a will there is a way. Samsung to iPhone Transfer tool will tells you that nothing is impossible.

Samsung to iPhone Transfer tool is an outstanding transferring tool that bring you lots of convenience:
1. No matter you use any phone model under any phone brand, so long as your phone runs iOS, Android or Symbian operating system, you can download this phone to phone transfer tool on your computer.
2. Samsung to iPhone Transfer tool is the excellent software that you can transfer the data that you like from your any Samsung phones and tablets to your iPhone 6S with only two or three steps.
3. Data including contacts, call logs, videos, music, photos, text messages, apps are all transferrable if you choose Samsung to iPhone Transfer.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Note: Samsung to iPhone Transfer needs to work with iTunes installed in your computer. So, make sure that you have the software before you go to the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Launch Samsung to iPhone Transfer

Everyone knows it, how to download, set up and open the program. It won't take you long for doing this. One thing worth mentioning is that this app has many functions and you should click "Phone to Phone Transfer" for further operation. The first step is quite easy, right?

Step 2. Connect Samsung and iPhone 6S to the PC

See the picture below. It tells you to plug the two phones into the USB ports. And when you have done so, the devices will be automatically detected.

Step 3.Choose kinds of Samsung file and Resource Phone

This is the most complicated part of the whole process, except it is not. Tick the items in the box to select data that are to be copied, for example, if you just want to sync Samsung contacts to iPhone 6S, just simply check "Contacts". Because that is all we need. After that, if Samsung is not on the left side as a Resource Phone, tap on "Flip" to switch it with iPhone.

Step 4.Start to Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone 6S

Press "Start Copy" and you can see the following window, meaning it is in the process. Do not disconnect the phones. And click "OK" at the end.

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