How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6S to iPhone 7

iPhone 7's A10 Processor Exposure, Performance May Be Far Better Than The A9

With the gradual approach of iPhone 7 release, the machine has begun to look into the internal configuration and the new features and other aspects of the news. Before the day, according to the person who broke the news, apple A10 processor has entered the test phase, the same as the dual core architecture, the single core performance is still invincible, but 3000+'s single core running performance is slightly lower than the performance of A9X processor. At the same time there are friends broke the news that the A10 processor with the GPU is still six core, but the main frequency reached 1GHz, so I believe that in terms of performance will not disappoint.

Start Testing A10

IPhone 7 will be equipped with a new A10 processor seems to be no suspense, but after the news was limited to the factory on behalf of the reports, rarely mentioned in the specification information. And now, according to the who broke the news, apple A10 processors has entered the testing stage, the same for dual core architecture, single core performance still invincible, as 3000 + mononuclear run of results is slightly lower than that of the A9X processor performance.

In addition, according to the user @ I use the third person argument, A10 processor with the GPU is still six core, but the main frequency reached 1GHz. Therefore, if the above information is true, then it means that the A10 processor performance will be compared to the A9 processor will be fully upgraded, but it is not clear whether the frequency of its CPU will also be synchronized to upgrade. Prior to this, the news from the supply chain, iPhone 7 equipped with the A10 processor will be completed by the stage, the same applies to the 16nm process, and has started shipping.

New Characteristics Exposure

It is worth mentioning that, after the news of the iPhone 7 has a new feature of the machine consumption function, and now there is a more specific message. According to friends that the stick broke the news, the iPhone will add phone fast payment, public transportation card, utilities such as "a machine consumption function, mobile phone put up will immediately induction and does not need to add any additional hardware.

In addition, the users also broke the news that, iPhone microphone 7 will also have small microphone function, so on the phone K song will be very convenient. And heat dissipation device, signal and Wi Fi connections are added to new technology, with the battery capacity for 1960 Ma than originally rumored capacity is smaller. As for the references to past "retinal health EIA may be related with the night shift mode, is expected to will use the new four channel light sensor, makes the iPhone can automatically adjust the screen color temperature according to changes in the environment.

Will Push The Black Version

And this prequel out iPhone 7 or will add more color, the users also disclosed more specific news, said iPhone 7 series will provide gold, gray, silver, rose gold and bright black gold color styles and a matte black version. Among them, bright gold black in all the color of the most beautiful, not only for the full black rear cover, but also including the antenna is also black, the overall integration of higher.

Transfer Data Contacts Photos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6S to iPhone 7

No matter what iPhone you are using now, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, when facting to the latest iPhone 7, I believe you must be hard to resist the temptation of it, isn't it? When you getting a new iPhone, the first thing that you want to do must be switching data from the old iPhone to new iPhone. However, is there any easy way to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 7 without spending too much of time and energy?

Mobile Phone Transfer and Mobile Transfer for Mac is the all-in-one data transfer tool, which can not only transfer data like contacts, photos, videos, call logs, messages, notes, calendars, Apps and more from one iOS devices to another directly, but also backup & restore your iPhone data in a click.

Now, please free get the trial version of Mobile Transfer and follow the delow guide to have a try.

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Install and run the program on your computer.

Step 2. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option on the primary interface and press "Start".

Step 3. Connect both of your old iPhone and iPhone 7 to PC via USB cables.

Step 4. Choose the data you want to transfer on the middle panel of the window.

Step 5. Click on "Start Transfer" to sync the selected files from old iPhone to iPhone 7 directly.