How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/Note 5

Part 1 Samsung News - Samsung's Autumn Conference

August 13, Samsung Electronics held a fall conference in New York, unveiled several new products, including a new large-screen flagship Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge +. In addition, Samsung's mobile payment services Samsung Pay also be unveiled, the site also shows the new smart watch Gear S2.

Note 5 and S6 Edge + although in the product name, it sounds though two completely different products, but in terms of the elements of design, and hardware configuration, both phones have a very close relationship.

Both phones use the 5.7 inches of 2K resolution screen, the screen PPI has reached 518, with Samsung's own has always been a bright screen display continuation of the abnormal to please the eye before style. S6 Edge + in Note 5, on the basis of an increase of double curved screens, in the standby display notifications may be made the center of the normal use of applications that can be exhaled shortcut menu screen with a contact through the surface.

The previous message is consistent, Note S-pen 5 uses a pop-up design, while S-Pen functionality has been optimized to support the extinguishing screen notes and rolling full web screenshots.

Both machines processors have adopted Samsung's own 14-nm Exynos 7420 eight-core processors, four large-core 2.1GHz, 4 small core 1.5GHz. With 4GB of RAM, 32 / 64GB of storage space.

In the camera, S6 Edge + and Note 5 have adopted the 16 million pixels, F1.9 large aperture rear camera, large aperture camera can get more pure picture in low light conditions. The Front 500 million pixels F1.9 large aperture front camera is also excellent image quality.

In the music player, the Samsung for these phones increase the sound quality optimization feature, the ordinary rate of music files can be converted to 24bit 192KHz high-quality music, so as to enhance the playback of music.

Both phones support push-type fingerprint unlock features, while Samsung said fingerprinting will also be used in the Samsung payments.

Samsung's two phones will be released to market in the near future in the country, S6 Edge + the licensed will come in this month, Note 5 will need to wait until September.

Samsung Pay

As Samsung in this conference another heavy head products, Samsung paid although the same pay for the move, but the difference is with Apple Pay, Samsung paid in addition to support NFC payments, but also supports MST (magnetic secure transmission technology) payments.

That is, the credit card system we use every day without change, you can directly through S6 Edge + and Note 5 payment, payment process the user can choose the payment cards, using fingerprint encryption to increase payment security.

Samsung Pay will be officially on the line in Korea, Sept. 28 landing in the United States on August 20.

Full keyboard protector

Samsung also released a full physical keyboard kit keyboard cover. By wearing the kit, the new machine can automatically optimize desktop display, provide the user with a more comfortable typing experience. While this kit is more suitable for everyday phone input more business users.

This cell phone case is quite peculiar shapes, in addition to conventional rear shell protective sleeve, the front of the lower third of the screen has a full physical keyboard, it allows users to enter information in a long time, to get some handle on the upgrade. And in order to take into account its own characteristics Android, Samsung is still below full keyboard Android adds three conventional buttons to ensure the normalization of the phone operation.

And Note 5 after wearing on this case, cell phone in the input character, the screen display will automatically zoom to the top of the keyboard, the keyboard will not be obscured screen.

Gear S2 Smart Watch

Towards the end of conference, Samsung secretly threw out the big move, a new round dial watch big-screen debut, and Samsung for naming Gear S2, and announced that it will publish next month.

It is clear from the name of view, Gear S2 Gear S is an upgraded version, but this is independent of Samsung Smart Watch published for the first time with a circular dial design, while the outside world is also speculation, this smart watch will continue to use Samsung's own Tizen system, rather than using Android Wear system, because all of Samsung's Android system products will prefix GALAXY, but Gear S2 apparently not. Meanwhile dial design Samsung also presented the idea and now Android wear does not match.

But as for this watch Samsung No further details are disclosed in this conference, it seems to wait until early next month in Germany to find out the IFA exhibition.

Part 2 Tutorial - How To Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos, Call Logs, Videos Music And Apps From iPhone To Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/Note 5
"I have got bored of using iPhone all the time and I wanna change another brand. Since Samsung Note 5 has been newly released, I would like to get one. However, I used to transfer files from iPhone 5C to Samsung Galaxy by using iTunes or iCloud backup. And if I buy Note 5 or S6 Edge+, how can I deliver content from my old cell phones? Does anyone know that?"

"I just switched from an iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. The S6 Edge+ is nice so far, but I’m having trouble when I transfer data from my old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. Anyone who can show me the methods pleaes?"

To transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy or copy contents between any two Android phones. Here, we recommend you to use a third-party phone transfer software which named Phone to Phone Transfer. The Phone to Phone Transfer program not only can transfer any data between iPhone and Samsung, and vice versa, including contacts, messages, videos, photos, call history, music and apps. Only a few clicks are needed in the process. The Phone Transfer supports most Samsung and Apple devices, including Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4/3/S5/S4/S3/S6/S6 Edge+/S7, iPhone 6S/6/6 Plus/5S/5/5C/4S/4, etc.

Now, download the phone to phone transfer tool for free and follow the steps below to have a try.
Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Note 5 to PC

Run Phone Transfer on your Windows or Mac computer.
Select Phone to Phone Transfer mode.
Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone to PC.

Step 2. Transfer any data between to your Samsung Galaxy S6 with a click

After connecting both of your smartphones to computer with USB cables. Then you will see the window below. Make sure that your iPhone is Source and S6 Edge+ or Note 5 is Destination. If they are in the wrong place, click "Flip" button to change the position. Now you can select the data you want to copy and click "Start Copy". Wait until the delivery finishes and tap "OK" to complete all.

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  1. Here is a video about transferring contacts from iPhone 5S to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, also works with other iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones

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  4. Yes, the pro phone transfer program allows us to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/Note 5 directly from pc via usb cables. We just need to connect them to computer, start the phone transfer program. Then we can directly transfer data between them.

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