How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to iPad Pro

iPad Pro probably will be unveiled in November

iPad Pro body size will be roughly similar to Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 12.9 inches of screen resolution of 2732 × 2048, maintaining the same with the iPad Air 2 263ppi pixel density.

Admittedly, after a period of rapid growth in previous years, the Tablet PC market now due to saturation, and even the market's most popular iPad sales decline could not escape fate. In order to re-ignite the iPad attractive to consumers, there are rumors that Apple will launch a large-size flat-panel computer iPad Pro, allows 12.9 inches big screen as a new growth point of iPad product line.

However, according to Taiwan's "Electronic Times," the latest reports, sources from the upstream supply chain that Apple seems to be very conservative on the iPad Pro output, may produce only small amounts of iPad Pro, far lower than the industry expected, but the specific orders the number is still unknown.

In fact, in 2013, there are rumors that Apple will launch a larger screen of the iPad, but the fear of market demand, Apple did not ultimately large size iPad into reality.

"Electronic Times," also said that Apple or will be mass production by the end of September this year iPad Pro and is ready to be released in mid-November.

According to previous rumors, iPad Pro's body size and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will be roughly the same, 12.9 inches of screen resolution of 2732 × 2048, maintaining the same with the iPad Air 2 pixel density of 263ppi. In addition, it is learned iPad Pro will be equipped with a Bluetooth stylus, NFC, Force Touch pressure-sensitive screen and USB 3.1 Type-C interface. In order to meet the needs of professional users, iPad Pro in performance also will have a certain degree of upgrading, the choice of more RAM and a more powerful processor. Systems, iOS also a certain degree of adjustment for iPad Pro's large screen, such as adjusting the keyboard key arrangement, reducing the number of keyboard page.

Some people think that the longer the update cycle and product life are the main cause of the Tablet PC sales decline, also suggested that the strong growth in large-screen mobile phones affect the attractiveness of tablet PCs to consumers. Regardless of exactly how reason, the tablet PC market really needs a new shot in the arm.

How to Transfer Music, Calendar, Messages, Videos, Photos and Contacts From Old iPad to iPad Pro

Are you also wanting to buy a new iPod Pro to replace your old iPad? Or have you ever got a brand new iPad Pro but don't know how to transfer music, photos, videos and more from iPad to iPad? Or you have some specific nice songs, pictures on your friend's iPad, so you two want to transfer data between for sharing with each other? To solve all the problems above, to meet the needs of iPad lover, all you need is mighty iPad Data Transfer.

iPad Data Transfer or iPad Data Transfer for Mac is capable to transfer data between iDevices at the same time. It supports iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2, The New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad, etc., compatible with iOS 9/8.4/8/7/6/5. You can copy not only music files, but also calendar, messages, videos, photos and contacts from one iPad to another. With iPad Data Transfer, you can totally get rid of iTunes restriction. You can also copy various multimedia files between iPads and other iOS device, and restore the backup to iPad with a click.

Below is the full guide when using the Windows version. If you're Mac user, you can follow it too. Just read on!

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Connect both iPads to computer with Apple USB cables

Download and install the software on the computer. Double-click the installation package on the computer screen to launch it. In the primary window, click Phone to Phone Transfer. This brings up the iPad transfer window. Connect both of your old iPad and iPad Pro to the computer. The software will detect and show them in this window.

Step 2. Copy music, video, photos, calendar, iMessages and contacts from old iPad to iPad Pro

As you see, all the data that are allowed to transfer are listed and checked between the both iPads. Go and click Start Copy. Then, the old iPad to iPad Pro data transfer begins. Be sure that neither iPad is disconnect in the whole course.

Pros: Both the purchased and non purchased items are allowed to transfer. Besides, the current data on iPad air won't be removed before the data on old iPad is imported. Additionally, It doesn't need any WiFi networks, and the transfer process is extremely quick and safe.
Cons: This software is helpless when you want to restore settings, app, app data and visual voice mail.

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