One Move Of Apple Could Herald The End Of The iPod Era

Heyday, iPod who bring more than 48 percent of Apple's revenue.

Apple has just put on the official website of the iPod from the main menu removed to replace them with Music.

Apple's official website home page at the top of the main menu of Apple in the past has been used to promote their hardware products, such as Mac computers, iPhone, iPod and iPad, and later added Apple Watch.

While Apple's other products still occupy a prominent position, but Apple's iPod has been removed from the main menu, its position is substituted Music.

Of course, Apple is still selling iPod, so Apple's iPod has not been completely removed from the official website, you can still find it in the bottom of the Music of the page (if you open the Apple China website, you will see the whole page is on Music iPod content.)

In the first quarter of 2007, iPod Apple has created more than 48% of their income, but because of the iPhone and other smart phones, iPod sales have been declining.

iPod sales change (quarter worldwide sales unit: million)

Apple since October 2012 no longer launch a new iPod Touch, iPod Classic and stop production in 2014. Cook said at the time discontinued because Apple can not continue to be required to assemble the parts. But some observers are skeptical of this, after all, Apple is a company with the ability to watch their intelligence to invent a new gold company.

While AppleInsider website has reported on the new iPod Touch will be out at the end of this year rumors, but in fact Apple has put all of its efforts on the development of higher-yielding products, and launched the Apple music.