iPad Contents Transfer,How to Sync Data from Old iPad to New iPad

Part 1 iPad News - iPad Mini 4 Will Be a Smaller Version Of iPad Air 2

iPad mini 4 reduced thickness from 7.5mm to 6.1mm, equipped with 8 million pixel camera and A8 processors.
Although the iPad sales are falling, but in accordance with the practice in previous years, this year, Apple iPad will continue to update the product line, in addition to concern large iPad Pro and standard-sized iPad Air 3 outside, Apple will launch iPad mini 4.

Compared with the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 upgrade launched last year is not much, mainly to increase the Touch ID fingerprint recognition and new color choices, the hardware is consistent with the iPad mini 2, which many consumers to iPad mini 3 feel a bit disappointed. However, according to Japanese site Macotakara recent reports, sources from within the industry said iPad mini 4 will be in the hardware upgrade, with the new 800-megapixel iSight camera and A8 processor, and supports 802.11ac WiFi. In appearance, the body thickness of 4 learned that iPad mini will be further reduced from 7.5mm down to 6.1mm, and iPad Air 2 flat. In addition, iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2 will be equipped with the same anti-reflective coating of the screen, by weakening reflective to increase visibility. Overall, if the news is true, then, iPad mini 4 looks like a smaller version of the iPad Air 2.

At the same time, Macotakara also said that in order to reduce the new 12.9 inches iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 for manufacturers to bring pressure on Apple iPad Air 2 this year will only be a minor upgrade, iPad Air 3's shape and body size will exactly the same as iPad Air 2, but the processor may be upgraded to a newer A9 processor.

Overall, even though the iPad mini 4 hardware upgrades, but the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro is still lagging behind, so iPad product line of high low positioning will become more clear.

Part 2 Tutorial - How to Transfer Contents From Old iPad To New iPad

"I tried importing my contents like contacts, chat history, bookmarks, photos, videos, songs and more from my iPad mini to iPad Air 2 via iTunes, but ended up removing/deleting every single contact from my old iPad. I had to call customer service to try to get them back, but was unsuccessful. I had to recover my contacts and some lost data from a previous backup I had done to get them back. But I did figure out how to do this... "
Have you ever got a brand new iPad but don't know how to transfer contents from iPad to iPad? Or you have some specific nice songs, photos or videos on your friend's iPad, so you two want to transfer them between for sharing with each other? To solve all the problems above, to meet the needs of iPad lover, all you need is mighty iOS Data Transfer or Mobile Transfer.

Method 1. Transfer Data Between Two iPads With The iOS Data 

iOS Data Transfer also known as a professional data manager tool for iPhone iPad and iPod. It enables you to transfer media, contacts, photos between any two iOS devices within seconds. Only a few steps, you can get your contents from one iPad to another. You can share your data in a simple and easy way.

Free download a trial version here:

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your iPads to PC

First, connect your device(s) via USB cable(s) and open the program window.

Step 2. Transfer data from iPad to iPad

iOS Data Transfer enables you to transfer media, contacts, photos from one Apple device to another without iTunes. If you would like to transfer music between your iDevices, you just need to click "Media" in the left column and click "Music" to come to the music window. Then, click the triangle under "Export to" to select to export music to your iDevice.

Method 2. Transfer Data Between Two iPads With The Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer for Windows or for Mac is a great tool designed for transferring data between various devices running different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Symbian. You are able to transfer pictures, vidoes, music, apps and more between your two iPads with the help of the program with just one click.

Free download a trial version here:

Download Mac Version       Download Mac Version

Step 1. Download & Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC

The first step you have to take is to download and install Mobile Transfer on PC. When you launch the program, the main window will show in front of you. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to continue the process.

Step 2. Connect both your iPads to your PC with USB cables

Connect both iPads of yours to the computer with USB cables. Wait for a few seconds, the program will recognize the two devices. Once they are recognized successfully, the two devices will show up in the main window. One iPad is on the left side while the other one is one of the right side. If there are too many songs you don’t like to keep on the intended iPad, you can click the button “Clear data before copy”. If you would like to keep them, then just ignore the button.

Step 3. Transfer data from your old iPad to new iPad

Mobile Transfer lists all the data you can copy in the middle of its operation interface. You can check them one by one then pick up those you plan to copy.

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