Apple Watch Not Suitable For All Users

In fact, inherent large quantities of Apple's fans, as well as the Apple company has won the excellent reputation, is the reason why the initial strong sales of this new smart watch.

With the company's series of new product launches, Apple has just released the first hardware product Houqiaobusi era - Smart Watch Apple Watch. On Friday, Apple began accepting bookings Apple Watch.

However, according to market research firm Piper Jaffray analyst Gini · Munster (Gene Munster) revealed that this smart watch in the beginning of the reservation as little as 30 minutes, the first delivery to a looted.

Some users will need to wait until April 24 when Apple introduced the Apple Watch to get this product, however, more users have to wait until mid-May or June to get Apple Watch, as well as the users even have to wait until July before have to get this product.

Initial demand for Apple Watch did not imagine it is shocked. In fact, Apple's reputation for excellence inherent in the fan base and the company has acquired a smart watch is to ensure that this new initial strong sales of the reason.

However, after the initial wave of sales after Apple Watch future status of what will happen? It will be the next one Newton, also, or under an iPad it?

In this regard, "The New York Times' technology columnist Farhad Mann Zhu (Farhad Manjoo) believed, Apple Watch will be bigger than Apple's iPad-scale business. US leading technology blog BI contributor Jane Elohim (Jay Yarow) recently did a week with Man Zhu podcast, they talked about the Apple Watch, and in the last one week's time, Man Zhu has also been on probation Apple Watch .

Although the iPad has been the lack of updates lately, but in fact, iPad is still an important business Apple's undisputed. Apple's 2014 fiscal year, iPad and create revenue of up to $ 30.3 billion, compared to, Facebook's total revenue in 2014 was only $ 12.5 billion.

So, from the standpoint of Man Zhu, Apple Watch Why can become an even greater scale than the iPad business it? This is mainly due to Apple Watch will be able to be the perfect accessory for iPhone smartphone, the iPhone is the future of computing devices.

Apple Watch not suitable for all users:

Preliminary evaluation of the industry's first comments on Apple Watch vary. Although some general comments about Apple Watch get on the positive, however, these comments look, you will find someone also expressed dissatisfaction with the product.
Related to one of the most thought Apple's blog John Gruber (John Gruber), said, Apple Watch is not a high quality watch. The smart watch display only when the user will open the wrist flick, even so, the display speed is very slow, the monitor will turn even a delay phenomenon. However, Man Zhu for the "New York Times" article written, said that he was very fond of Apple Watch, but he also warned that this product is not suitable for every user.

Man Zhu wrote in an article, "From Apple's new device unusual perspective, this smart watch is not suitable for novice .Apple Watch technology designed primarily large number of messages users receive notifications for those smart phones, but also for the Thinking about those who want to try and manage the digital world to disturb their lifestyle users. "

"Wall Street Journal" that Joanne Steyn (Joanna Stern) told the people not to buy Apple Watch. Steyn says, "Every stop watching this smart watch, I will emerge out of this idea - you would be better under one might say that with many similar fashion, however, the watch should be long-term effective. I graduated from college and get a Cartier watch is different, bright and beautiful apple Apple Watch the original version will soon decline. "

Man Zhu podcast with Elohim also reiterated, Apple Watch not for all users. Only users who need to use their cell phone docking should only buy Apple Watch. Even so, those who should buy the cheapest Apple Watch, either $ 349, either $ 399 Sport version.

Man Zhu believes that in time this year, Apple Watch design will be more beautiful, and users who spend a lot of money to buy the first batch of Apple Watch will let themselves be fooled.

Smart Watch future:

People may lose the greater, because criticism of care at a fraction of the expense of more words of praise. Overall, the industry's overall comments on Apple Watch is still very positive. Most believe that Apple's new product will change people's lives, not just this year, might happen in the next few years.

Man Zhu wrote in his commentary, "Apple Watch the most exciting place, this is not the device itself, but the first mainstream wearable computer devices will likely therefore account new technology vision." Mann Zhu look forward to the next scene --Apple Watch will become the center of our interconnected lives.

Market research firm Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Ukraine Wizz (Andrew Uerkwitz) also endorsed the view Man Chu. Wizz Ukraine in a report, said, "We believe that in the next five years, Apple Watch will lead to revolutionary changes in the way we interact with things around the way.

We think this is the digital 'gatekeepers' - that is, the increase in users and consumers in their lives interactive interface to connect a large number of major hardware devices, which will eventually form their unique ecosystem of things. "

It has become a routine dynamic watches. Do not just stay in today's world, should take a look at changes in the world five years later, there will be more interconnected objects. Imagine the future you can use smart watches the door, pay your bills with smart watches.

You can imagine the situation as well as how to interact with your smart watches coming home networking. With the development of this kind of thinking, the true potential of smart watches will be released really, as long as it all possible.

Perhaps this is correct, but this way of thinking, there are some problems. You know, to let people watch excited smart things in Smartphone, and smart watches can do everything, smart phones will also be able to complete.
Therefore, smart watches never be as smart phones as powerful product, after all, the phone out of his pocket is not a laborious task.

The new identity:

However, Man Zhu claimed between your smartphone and smart watches or there is a huge gap. Smart watches mainly worn on the user's wrist, can enhance the ability of identification, and this identification capability is not reflected in the Smartphone. Even if you want to open the door by smartphones, or complete other transactions, you gotta come up and your phone to determine your identity via fingerprint scan.

However, the smart watch will be able to take us to a more seamless technology world. With smart watch, we just need to phone in your pocket, do not need to come up.

However, smart phones will become more powerful, more useful, and this is why the smart watch business will be able to become a larger scale than the iPad business reason. iPad is a very nice device, but do not like the iPhone that would become a necessity.

In this regard, Zhu declared Man With the iPhone increasingly deep into people's lives, on our wrists wearing a cell phone accessories of course also have an incredible effect.

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Reverse Growth iPhone 5S Sales Will Bring Negative Results For Apple

iPhone 5S sales rose sharply than expected, and thus suppress the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales.

SocGen (Societe Generale) analyst Andy Perkins (Andy Perkins) said sales of Apple iPhone 5s risen sharply than expected, and thus suppress the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales.

Perkins wrote in a recent report: "the older models have increased demand for iPhone 5s, this product Apple holds 10% share in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 mobile phone sales in fiscal year 2015 second fiscal quarter has increased to 20%. This unusual phenomenon. "

Perkins further stated: "Under normal circumstances, when a new product release, compared with sales of older models of mobile phones will not reverse the growth of this situation so that we are now somewhat puzzled.."

Perkins data from the track for Hon Hai and export data and large (Pegatron) two factories mobile phones, more than two factories OEM for Apple phones.

If Perkins judgment is correct, this phenomenon for Apple could be a problem, because the iPhone 5s $ 100 cheaper than the iPhone 6, 6 Plus is cheaper than the $ 200.

In addition to growth in sales of iPhone 5s, Perkins also mentioned factors that a strong dollar. As the United States has strengthened, the average selling price of the iPhone hit (ASP). Perkins believes the iPhone's ASP fell to $ 651 from $ 687 on the previous quarter.

Of course, this situation occurs every year. In the holiday shopping season, iPhone's ASP usually higher, but it will decline in the first quarter. Even Perkins judge accurately, iPhone's ASP fell to $ 651, which in recent years has reached a high level of Apple.

In addition to worry about Apple's second quarter fiscal year 2015 (first quarter), the Perkins also believe the difficulties being faced by the fermentation of apple, because he did not think Apple phone sales soared last year after experiencing can replicate that kind of success . Larger screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus significantly boosted sales of the Apple phone, Apple would like to get a similar result is not an easy thing.

Perkins said that Apple's iPhone product had the most obvious vulnerabilities have been up on the expansion of its geographical nor a huge change, because Apple has achieved in cooperation with almost all the major global carriers.
Apple Watch upcoming sale could compensate for weakness in iPhone may arise Perkins this negative attitude. He said: "We do not think Apple Apple Watch can bring change to their rules of the game change, at least in the next 12 months is impossible."

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Will The Next Generation of iPhone Called iPhone 7?

According to analyst predicted that the new iPhone will have a 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch version, no 4-inch models.

There are four aspects to predict:

1. The next generation iPhone will join the first to use the new MacBook and Apple Watch intensity touch technology.
2. Apple may be named as the next-generation iPhone iPhone7, instead iPhone6s, because the next-generation iPhone has changed a lot.
3. The next iPhone will have a 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions.
4. with previous reports that the contrary, Apple will not launch four inches model this year.

Analysts said the strength iPhone 7 touch with current technology used in Apple's other products are not the same. Analysts believe that the new iPhone will not use the new MacBook trackpad sensor detects the intensity of the way, but to determine the size of the area under the intensity of the fingers touching the screen.

Apple may be trying to make controlled via icons and user interface elements of different sizes on the touch screen mode easier.

Analysts speculated that it was a big change, so will the next generation of Apple's iPhone named iPhone 7, rather than the iPhone 6s. Before that, there was also the site reported that Apple's next generation iPhone, the intensity of the use of touch technology.

We need to wait for some time before coming to know the exact configuration and capabilities of Apple's iPhone, because Apple usually releases new mobile phones in September.

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