Two Characteristics of iPhone 7: 3D Touch & Lens Upgrade

The next generation iPhone rumors continue, next year there will be four inches in the outgoing touch screen mini version after the release of the analysis from Nomura Securities believes that Apple's new iPhone launch next year are likely to be called iPhone6s or iPhone 7, while the 3D touch and lens module upgrades will be two characteristics, and includes a large set of light, including many suppliers will therefore benefit.

Has Two Characteristics

According to Japan's Nomura Securities statement, Apple iPhone ancient feature upgrades will benefit related to the supply chain, such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus newly added NFC (near field communication), OIS (optical anti-shake) and Haptics (tactile feedback linear motor ) and other three functions, so as to provide these new features become components of NXP (NXP), Alps Electric (Alps), Mitsumi Electric (Mitsumi), AAC Technologies (AAC) and other suppliers to synchronize benefit.

And for the next generation iPhone, although in the end is not sure yet iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, but Nomura Securities, said White 3D touch screen and lens module upgrade will be two major characteristics of the aircraft, which would make include F- Zhen Ding, F-TPK Chen Hong, Radiant, Dali light, including a number of suppliers benefit from this. In addition, Apple offers Beats headphones if future configuration, then provide communications microphone, headset and other mobile phone components of the US law is also expected because the headset accessories provide benefit.

Despite two major characteristics of the so-called next-generation iPhone is just saying the company's securities market analysis, but had already iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 will be equipped with 3D touch screen and camera upgrades argument. November this year, according to Taiwan media reports said the message, the naked eye 3D touch screen will have the opportunity to become the biggest selling point of the next-generation iPhone, and Apple is actively building 3D hardware and software ecosystem. It is reported that Apple ready to join hands with Hon Hai's TPK industry to help develop the next generation of the iPhone's touch screen and 3D.

Meanwhile people familiar with Apple products broke the news that the current iPhone 6 embedded touch technology used if the direct use of 3D film screen, it will cause serious interference problems, but will yield too low. But if the shift to film touch technology, paste together 3D screen, you can simplify the drive panel, less susceptible to crosstalk and more power, but also to enhance the yield.

With a 14 Million Pixel Camera

As for the next generation iPhone camera module upgrading argument, and currently there are two rumors. One of the legendary iPhone 7 will not follow the past 8 million pixel camera, but will be 14 million pixels, which can bring better picture quality. And another way of saying it is that Apple will be equipped with dual lenses on the next-generation iPhone, but not the ultimate goal to achieve the 3D effect, but provides excellent image quality comparable to SLR cameras.

The overall message of the current foreign media reports, the next-generation iPhone will be released in three different sizes touch screen version. Among them, the standard version is 4.7 inches, Pro version is 5.5 inches, while the so-called mini version is only 4 inches. As for the next generation iPhone release date, according to the ancient iPhone release cycle, the legendary iPhone 7 in the third quarter of next year, most likely still be launched in September next year, but the price to be the current listing of the alleged iPhone 6 higher.

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Rumors Apple Launch iPhone 6S Next Spring And Autumn Launch iPhone 7

Each year more new generation of Apple's iPhone is the practice for many years, and now it seems that some changes will occur. Recently, according to media reports, Apple's iPhone will be held in two new conference next year, is expected to launch iPhone 6s in the spring of next year, when, and in the autumn of next year when it will release iPhone 7. If the above is true, then it means that the next iPhone release cycle will be shortened to six months.

Six months release cycle
According to foreign websites Stableytimes reported that the news from the supply chain, Apple may begin to shorten product release cycles from the next generation iPhone, plans to launch iPhone 6s in the spring of next year, and in the autumn of next year (approximately September) when released iPhone 7 . As for Apple's move, there are two reasons, first, in order to keep up with competitors more frequent release of new aircraft, such as Samsung also in the spring and fall of each release a flagship model.

As for the other reason, it is in order at the time of the spring next year Apple Watch listed, to be able to increase sales by means of the new iPhone. Because many users will choose to buy at the same time, Apple Watch and the new iPhone, so the spring launch of the next-generation iPhone, Apple Watch can effectively stimulate the market performance.

iPhone 6S early release

In addition, Apple's new release cycle also change the number of operators concerned. Previous Apple iPhone is a conference held annually, and every year there will be a suffix S iPhone, so it was suitable for inter-generational replacement iPhone, partly in order to provide operators with a two-year contract mate. But now in the US market dominant carriers, such as Verizon and AT & T has provided more frequent replacement package, which makes Apple's Published somewhat outdated tradition.

Of course, foreign websites Stableytimes also believe there is a possibility that this is the iPhone 6s launched in the spring to advance to the next year, and then again in the spring of 2016 to launch iPhone 7, say this means that Apple will release the next generation iPhone ahead of time, but still maintain the traditional annual generation iPhone's product strategy.

Or Apple's early ideas

However, it is worth noting that the above statement is allegedly an early idea of Apple, because change can occur at any time. But if Apple really decided in six months after the launch of iPhone 6s, and then again six months after the launch of the iPhone 7, then no doubt will bring enormous pressure to competitors.

At the same time such a precedent at Apple have had, in the past such as Apple iPad 3 will be released in the spring, and then brought in just half a year after the iPad 4. In addition, Cook in charge of Apple's business strategy seems to become more flexible, next year Apple introduced two new iPhone might really anything is possible.

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iPad Air Plus Guess: Five Of Our Most Anticipated Features

Apple will launch 12 inches large screen iPad rumors constantly, the latest news is claiming that it will be named "iPad Air Plus" rather than "iPad Pro", will be available sometime in 2015. Characteristics of the hardware part of the retina, including 12.2 inches screen, A9 processor, thin shape and four stereo speakers.

Clearly, in the iPhone 6 Plus streaming users, the case of declining sales, the introduction of larger iPad seems like a good idea. So, we really expect or need iPad Air Plus has what new features? The following are five main sections we summarize:

1. The true multi-tasking

Prior to the formal launch of iOS 8, there was news that Apple will add split-screen iPad version of multi-tasking capabilities, but unfortunately this is just a rumor. So, we hope that in the larger iPad Air Plus, see true multitasking capabilities to better play the big-screen feature. In fact, Samsung and other brands of Android tablet, already have similar functions.

2. an official keyboard cover accessory

Although never a lack of accessories Apple products, but we hope Apple can design specifically for the iPad Air Plus an official keyboard cover, like Microsoft Surface series did. One has an excellent feel, while portable keyboard cover, can effectively enhance the productivity of the operation.

3. Multi-user support

iOS has many user-friendly design, but not perfect, such as has been the lack of support for multi-user login. In contrast, rival Android 5.0, has been able to log in to multiple Google accounts, share equipment. IPad Air Plus if you want to achieve some of the laptop-style experience, it supports multiple accounts is imperative, if we can combine Touch ID fingerprint recognition, experience will be even better.

4. The more narrow screen frame

In fact, this problem is not unique to iPad, this year also includes two large-screen iPhone. Due to the design of the Home button, iOS device does not seem like a part of the Android device as completely abolished physical buttons to reduce the screen frame, narrow body size. We hope to be able to iPad Air Plus with a new industrial design, to find a way to minimize the screen bezel for better portability.

5. Run OS X and iOS

The last feature sounds like a luxury, but it is our most wanted. If the 12.2 inches of iPad running OS X can support and iOS, obviously you can better balance the mobile office and entertainment experience. Of course, this form may have a certain impact on MacBook Air, and do not meet Apple's product philosophy relative to the vertical, so basically unlikely.

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