iPhone 6S Sales Are Expected To Set A New Record

Users every 18-24 months to replace a new phone, there are about 200 million iPhone users will upgrade to iPhone 6S.

Circles speculate on what products Apple will release next week's launch has not been broken. iPhone 6S various parameters has been compromised, everyone on the phone's product releases are no longer excited. However, most people missed the point. That is, the possible replacement of the iPhone mobile phone users a huge number.

Typically, mobile users 18-24 months to replace a new phone every. Replace the frequency with mobile phone contracts and the economic situation of each country concerned.

Above Avalon website according to data released by Apple, iOS users through the analysis, the current number of users is still in use sections of the iPhone. Above Avalon estimate, there are about 200 million iPhone users will upgrade to iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6: 85 million
The iPhone 6 Plus: 35 million
The iPhone 5S: 125 million
The iPhone 5C: 50 million
The iPhone 5: 80 million
The iPhone 4 and older models: 40 million
Total of 475 million

Holiday season last year iPhone sales more than 74.5 million, the first quarter of 2015 amounted to 61 million. And now new models released soon, there are 200 million potential users upgrade, leave by the end of 2015 season and the first quarter 2016 will be easy to over 100 million.

Statista published data from the following chart, the hot sales late last year and early will be repeated. Despite the flat sales is inevitable after the season, but there might not occur in the body 6S: Apple has been the onslaught of the Chinese market may be the first to break this cycle. Cooperation between Apple and IBM and Cisco may also make the situation better.

However, for Apple, the situation is also not optimistic side. Apple iPad sales erosion due to large-screen phone and competing products, has been stagnant. iPad sales reached a peak in 2013, to 71.04 million, it has since been in slow decline.

Cook is expected to be the new iPad product line in next week's conference, including the rumored iPad Pro. The authors estimate that iPad Mini will become a victim of the success of iPhone after 6S series, more people will use mobile phones iPhone Plus improve work efficiency, especially after business cooperation with IBM and Cisco were apples. iPad Pro publisher will make the situation worse Mini, Mini could eventually make history.

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