Reverse Growth iPhone 5S Sales Will Bring Negative Results For Apple

iPhone 5S sales rose sharply than expected, and thus suppress the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales.

SocGen (Societe Generale) analyst Andy Perkins (Andy Perkins) said sales of Apple iPhone 5s risen sharply than expected, and thus suppress the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales.

Perkins wrote in a recent report: "the older models have increased demand for iPhone 5s, this product Apple holds 10% share in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 mobile phone sales in fiscal year 2015 second fiscal quarter has increased to 20%. This unusual phenomenon. "

Perkins further stated: "Under normal circumstances, when a new product release, compared with sales of older models of mobile phones will not reverse the growth of this situation so that we are now somewhat puzzled.."

Perkins data from the track for Hon Hai and export data and large (Pegatron) two factories mobile phones, more than two factories OEM for Apple phones.

If Perkins judgment is correct, this phenomenon for Apple could be a problem, because the iPhone 5s $ 100 cheaper than the iPhone 6, 6 Plus is cheaper than the $ 200.

In addition to growth in sales of iPhone 5s, Perkins also mentioned factors that a strong dollar. As the United States has strengthened, the average selling price of the iPhone hit (ASP). Perkins believes the iPhone's ASP fell to $ 651 from $ 687 on the previous quarter.

Of course, this situation occurs every year. In the holiday shopping season, iPhone's ASP usually higher, but it will decline in the first quarter. Even Perkins judge accurately, iPhone's ASP fell to $ 651, which in recent years has reached a high level of Apple.

In addition to worry about Apple's second quarter fiscal year 2015 (first quarter), the Perkins also believe the difficulties being faced by the fermentation of apple, because he did not think Apple phone sales soared last year after experiencing can replicate that kind of success . Larger screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus significantly boosted sales of the Apple phone, Apple would like to get a similar result is not an easy thing.

Perkins said that Apple's iPhone product had the most obvious vulnerabilities have been up on the expansion of its geographical nor a huge change, because Apple has achieved in cooperation with almost all the major global carriers.
Apple Watch upcoming sale could compensate for weakness in iPhone may arise Perkins this negative attitude. He said: "We do not think Apple Apple Watch can bring change to their rules of the game change, at least in the next 12 months is impossible."

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