Will The Next Generation of iPhone Called iPhone 7?

According to analyst predicted that the new iPhone will have a 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch version, no 4-inch models.

There are four aspects to predict:

1. The next generation iPhone will join the first to use the new MacBook and Apple Watch intensity touch technology.
2. Apple may be named as the next-generation iPhone iPhone7, instead iPhone6s, because the next-generation iPhone has changed a lot.
3. The next iPhone will have a 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two versions.
4. with previous reports that the contrary, Apple will not launch four inches model this year.

Analysts said the strength iPhone 7 touch with current technology used in Apple's other products are not the same. Analysts believe that the new iPhone will not use the new MacBook trackpad sensor detects the intensity of the way, but to determine the size of the area under the intensity of the fingers touching the screen.

Apple may be trying to make controlled via icons and user interface elements of different sizes on the touch screen mode easier.

Analysts speculated that it was a big change, so will the next generation of Apple's iPhone named iPhone 7, rather than the iPhone 6s. Before that, there was also the site reported that Apple's next generation iPhone, the intensity of the use of touch technology.

We need to wait for some time before coming to know the exact configuration and capabilities of Apple's iPhone, because Apple usually releases new mobile phones in September.

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