Rumors Apple Launch iPhone 6S Next Spring And Autumn Launch iPhone 7

Each year more new generation of Apple's iPhone is the practice for many years, and now it seems that some changes will occur. Recently, according to media reports, Apple's iPhone will be held in two new conference next year, is expected to launch iPhone 6s in the spring of next year, when, and in the autumn of next year when it will release iPhone 7. If the above is true, then it means that the next iPhone release cycle will be shortened to six months.

Six months release cycle
According to foreign websites Stableytimes reported that the news from the supply chain, Apple may begin to shorten product release cycles from the next generation iPhone, plans to launch iPhone 6s in the spring of next year, and in the autumn of next year (approximately September) when released iPhone 7 . As for Apple's move, there are two reasons, first, in order to keep up with competitors more frequent release of new aircraft, such as Samsung also in the spring and fall of each release a flagship model.

As for the other reason, it is in order at the time of the spring next year Apple Watch listed, to be able to increase sales by means of the new iPhone. Because many users will choose to buy at the same time, Apple Watch and the new iPhone, so the spring launch of the next-generation iPhone, Apple Watch can effectively stimulate the market performance.

iPhone 6S early release

In addition, Apple's new release cycle also change the number of operators concerned. Previous Apple iPhone is a conference held annually, and every year there will be a suffix S iPhone, so it was suitable for inter-generational replacement iPhone, partly in order to provide operators with a two-year contract mate. But now in the US market dominant carriers, such as Verizon and AT & T has provided more frequent replacement package, which makes Apple's Published somewhat outdated tradition.

Of course, foreign websites Stableytimes also believe there is a possibility that this is the iPhone 6s launched in the spring to advance to the next year, and then again in the spring of 2016 to launch iPhone 7, say this means that Apple will release the next generation iPhone ahead of time, but still maintain the traditional annual generation iPhone's product strategy.

Or Apple's early ideas

However, it is worth noting that the above statement is allegedly an early idea of Apple, because change can occur at any time. But if Apple really decided in six months after the launch of iPhone 6s, and then again six months after the launch of the iPhone 7, then no doubt will bring enormous pressure to competitors.

At the same time such a precedent at Apple have had, in the past such as Apple iPad 3 will be released in the spring, and then brought in just half a year after the iPad 4. In addition, Cook in charge of Apple's business strategy seems to become more flexible, next year Apple introduced two new iPhone might really anything is possible.

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